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Cellulose Manufacturing

Since 1977, CELL-PAK, Inc. has been South's leading supplier of cellulose insulation. We offer you quality service and dependability that you can count on with every order. CELL-PAK is confident that we can consistently meet all your insulation needs day in and day out. We have built our reputation on old-fashioned virtues like honest labor and craftmanship. Our staff strives to reach the hghest level of customer satisfaction with you. When placing and order with us, we process it immediately and personally oversee this process and make sure everything goes efficiently. Come join our increasingly growing family of satisfied customers. We look forward to serving you.

Modern Cellulose Insulation dates back to the 1920's. It became very popular in the building boom in the 1950's after World War II. It was the only way people could afford heat in electric homes. When the energy crisis hit in the 1970's, demand for insulation reached an all time high and the cellulose industry grew rapidly. Once the energy panic subsided the cellulose industry experienced a shakeout and again settled into a small share of the market. The companies that remained, however, were deeply committed - CELL-PAK was one of these companies. In the 1990's, an interest from the Building Science Community and advocates of Energy Efficient Building led scientific studies reinforcing what the cellulose community knew to be true all along, cellulose insulation has performance advantages.

Quality cellulose begins with onlyquality ingredients. CELL-PAK uses 100% recycledd newsprint to provide the best quality made insulation available to you and your customers. Our finish mills and the HydraPac Packaging System provide a light density cellulose.

CELL-PAK maintains quality control schedules to conform with Customer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Standard 16CFR 1209, 1404 and is classified in accordance with ASTM C739. Cell-Pak cellulose is a Class I Bulding Material.

CELL-PAK cellulose insulation is blown into your attic and walls to form a protective, air tight blanket. Since cellulose is more vertsatile and maneuverable, it seals around plumbing and electrical outlets to form an air tight fit. It also proves a better R-value per inch in the attic. This provides a more effective and cost efficient protection. Also,
we are a distributor for blowing equipment and all accessories needed to insulate a home.